Monday, March 12, 2007

Let's kick it off

Hi there,

This is Gabor Torok's (aka 'Tote') weblog about mobility in general. I'm a technical guy having spent more than 7 years in this rapidly evolving area. You can find more information about my background in the About me box.

Having been selected for Forum Nokia Champion in 2006, re-selected in 2007, I had the chance to share my thoughts with others about technical and non-technical issues alike on a popular blogging forum, Forum Nokia Blogs. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with smart guys out there. However, my Forum Nokia Champion membership will end sooner or later and as I want to continue blogging I decided to start a new blog that I have some sort of control over - this one.

So this is where we are for the moment. I will migrate my old posts from FN Blogs and will be doing this double-work as long as I'm a Champ. After that, I'm planning to write only here.

Hope that you will enjoy reading my blog!



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