Monday, March 12, 2007

Carbide.C++ - How to purchase it?

We had to purchase a few Carbide.C++ licenses for our company - the first ones, actually. Therefore, I visited Forum
Nokia/Tools/SDK section in order to find the right link that I can click on to purchase the licenses. The problem that there wasn't
any such link. :( I could have downloaded the IDE, but I had already done it by then. I've also opened up the IDE (with a temporary
license) to see if it contains any menu items that reveal anything with regards to ordering licenses. Even though there is a
submenu under Help/Carbide licenses, which contains some menu items for installing, viewing and even borrowing licenses, but
nothing mentioned about buying them. So, after failing to find out how to buy this software, I decided to search for it on the Web!

First, I searched for "order buy Carbide.C++", again, on Forum Nokia - without any success. Okay, there was a bunch of links that I
could have chosen from, but it was not intuitive to pick up the right one.

Then I decided to use the ultimate tool with the same seach query: Google. It was the second link that worked (the first was NewLC - Hi, Eric, how are you doing?:). Surprise, what kind of link was it? A link to a FN Discussion Board topic! Hey, isn't it in the
interest of Nokia to sell their product?! Then, imho, it shouldn't be a *discussion board topic* that advertises it the best (i.e.
being the most popular link) the way of purchasing Carbide.C++, no? Reaching the end of the discussion it finally turned out that
there was a link that anybody can use. Btw, the links mentioned above are as follows:
- Buying Carbide Dev
- Forum Nokia PRO - Company Registration

Another interesting thing is that you have to be a Forum Nokia PRO member for buying the product. That's good, but I was afraid of
the same thing than a few poster were, too: FN PRO registration costs thousands of euros. Per year. Well, I haven't yet completed
the process of purchasing our licenses, however, I'm just hoping that Mike Trujillo (from Forum Nokia) is right: "There is no charge for setting up the account".

Any comments?

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Markus Ahonen said...

I have to admit -- our webstore still leaves a lot to be desired. It's frustrating but things seem to move very slowly with these massive IT projects...

So, really, what I'm saying I know it sucks, but luckily you only have to buy it once every 1½ years or so, and any interim releases are free. Also, once you've purchased your products, there actually is one feature of the store that's quite nice: The ability to manage your licenses. If you have a number of developers using Carbide.c++, the online store allows you to manage and re-target licenses as needed. It, too, is a bit difficult to figure out at first, but it gets the job done and the alternative would have been a lot of handiwork.

Hang in there!



Gábor Török said...


True from the first word to the very last one. It was, let's say, time-consuming to purchase the first license, but it's now much easier to proceed with the new ones. I can now order a new license within 5 minutes - and I get it within this time-frame!

Keep up the good work!