Monday, March 12, 2007

Forum Nokia Champion Day, London, 2006

As a Forum Nokia Champion, I was invited to attend the aforementioned event on 16 October in London. In addition, Symbian arranged their annual Smartphone Show so that it took place on the upcoming days, Tuesday and Wednesday so that I could stay in London for a few more days. This posting is about the first day, Monday, but I'm going to write another one with my remarks about the show.

Here you are. I'm so grateful that I could attend this event and meet other fellow champions. We were accomodated in Hotel Le Meridien (wow!) for two nights, Sunday and Monday. After having an excellent breakfast, we walked across Regent Street to Cafe Royal, a venue perfectly fitted to host meetings and events - like ours. First, we all had a brief introduction of ourselves and I can tell you that it was very nice to meet all of you and associate the faces, voices with most of the names I've already read here and there. There came some technical seminars, where we were presented some insights about the new Carbide.C++ Dev & Pro versions, Python for S60, got some hints on documentation and S60 3rd Edition update, etc. By the way, we had a traditional English pub lunch at noon - it was excellent not only because the food was good, but we could get to know each other, have a chat with anybody.

After the seminars, we were invited to build the team (i.e. teambuilding :). It turned out that we were spies (I knew that Tom Cruise was kicked out from Mission Impossible, but was surprised to see that we're gonna replace him:) and we had to accomplish a spy mission. We were split into 5 teams, each had to do the same tasks: explore places nearby, answer tricky questions, scavenge items from various places in a fixed amount of time. Khhm, we were so much filled with empathy that we thought it would be nice to be the fifth among the five teams and let others feel a little bit better. None seemed to be effusive in their gratitude. :) By the way, the winner team got Nokia 9500 Communicators, one per each member.

Finally, the last event on Monday was a coctail party held in Albannach, UK's second biggest whisky bar (as I learned). It was not only us, FN Champions, who were invited, but PRO members were also there. It was good to see so many people filled with enthusiasm about mobility - unfortunately, the place was so small that it was basically overcrowded. Nevertheless, the food was excellent as well as the drinks so we (at least I) enjoyed the whole party.

In fact, the whole day! So I'd like to thank Sanna, Elina and the rest of the team who arranged the whole thing so that I was (and still am) both proud and grateful that I'm a champ. Besides that I'd like to encourage other fellows, you, mobile geeks, do your best in the mobile community and become a FN Champion. It's worth, believe me!

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Ps.: one of my colleagues has also flew to London to attend the Smartphone Show. As he is not a champion, he couldn't attend those events that I could, but what he could do, however, was that he went to the pub event arranged by Symbian on Monday evening. There was a draw during the event and he won an N93. Simply just because he was there. I'm so jealous. Everyone could win a mobile phone, except me? :)

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