Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MoMoHu - Telco to Web by NSN

Damn, so many abbreviations, let me elaborate them.

Mobile Monday Hungary has had another round yesterday with Nokia Siemens Networks giving presentation about Telco to Web. The event was also hosted by NSN at a nice place at their premises.

After a brief introduction given by Robert Esik, there came the "real" presentation about the main topic presented by Said Berrahil. Said's presentation skills are really fascinating and it didn't take a minute to hear the first laughs from the audience. Funny, still serious, informative and thought-provoking. The whole presentation was built around the seven deadly sins, which the operators have committed so far. Don't take it that seriously, though: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride were all mentioned and with the obvious exception of lust some examples helped us understand what network operators did wrong.

Achievements were also mentioned, though! Since it's naturally not only bad things that operators have done so far. It's even more understandable that achievements were highlighted from a company whose main customers are the operators themselves, right? :) I found it a bit odd, though, that after talking so much about operators' business (don't forget that NSN is not an operator!) Said didn't talk too much about what they had been doing lately.

Finally there was a half an hour free Q&A session after the presentaion where people were really active to talk about the topic. I was surprised to see so many people (35-40) interested in such a not-so-popular topic and have heard lots of good and insightful comments.

Looking forward to the next event!



Said B said...

Hello Gabor,

Thank you for your kind words on the presentation. However, I need to clarify 2 things:
- I never meant to differentiate the Operators form us the vendors, I have talked about us as an "industry" and the journey we have traveled together so far. I think you could tell that I feel very passionately about this industry and I am very proud to be proud of it...and of the Operators job!
- On the second part of the presentation, I have explained the tenants of the T2W initiative for the industry and clearly indicated the NSN strategy to the market and our leadership role on the subject. Obviously I could not elaborate on uses cases that we are cooking with Operators as they are under NDA...but keep watching us:)



Gábor Török said...

Hello Said,

First of all, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

Probably my expectations were a bit different: I naturally see that it's necessary to talk about operators' business so that you can prepare the speech on your own business. And after doing so you can talk about your own business with examples. It was a bit disappointing to me not to hear any specific details on your product so that I could have better imagined what I, as a developer, could use it for.

I understand that you're in such a sensitive/early phase that you can't reveal too much about the features that you're planning to introduce. I also don't dare to teach you on how to give a presentation, since it seems that you're better in that. :)

It was simply my expectations that were different. A bit.