Friday, April 11, 2008

True emulation for Symbian development - when?

Though I've already heard that Windows Mobile SDK offers true phone emulation, however, only now have I got to the point that I ask for your opinion: why cannot we do the same during Symbian software development?

Note that you might have also heard that iPhone developers can also rely on this useful service. Nevertheless, don't forget to bear in mind that they must be working on the same platform, i.e. MacIntosh OSX. That is, there's not too much to emulate there.

But Windows Mobile is different: you develop on Windows presumably on an x86 architecture and produce binary code for another processor architecture (ARM) that you can even debug on. How? Why on Earth cannot we do the same?



Anonymous said...

Two words
1. Armulator
2. Cross compiler

It's not exactly new technology. How many ZX spectrum/C64s have you seen?

Gábor Török said...

Answering your kind question, I have played on ZX and my own C-64. For latter, I even wrote some small programs.

As to Armulator, thanks for pointing it out, I have never heard of it.

Please note that GCC is a widely used cross-compiler that is a de facto standard for building ARMI code during Symbian development. So that is not new to me.

Nevertheless, you did not answer my question and, in fact, didn't add too much to it, either.