Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Being featured by Nokia

I am honoured to be the featured Forum Nokia Champion this month. However, to be honest I was not prepared for the increased interest about me and my work and surprised to see the flood of e-mails day by day asking me for help regarding this and that problem. I try to answer these e-mails as thoroughly as I can, however, I'm afraid I can't give perfect answers to all of them.

Nevertheless, e-mails are only one thing. People are asking me to let them join my LinkedIn network, too. Although the way they're asking it varies case by case, I'm afraid I have to refuse these requests all. You know, my biggest concern is that I wouldn't like to acknowledge that I know someone with whom I've never met. And since giving referral of someone is one of the core features of this networking site, it simply doesn't make any sense for me to do so.

But the last thing that happened to me just the other day is that I got an e-mail from Sargam Bansal. Yes, right from him (her?). I don't know where he took my e-mail address from or if it has anything to do with me being featured by Nokia, but it doesn't matter at all: he found me. Let me cite his e-mail in its entirety:

to: my e-mail address
cc: Olli-Pekka.Kallasvuo@nokia.com

Dear Sir,
I ve been using Nokia for past 5-6 years.
I had submitted my Phone NOKIA 3250 at Nokia Care Centre Sector 3 Noida(JOB SHEET NO:-1200196776 ; Serial No :- 357933005291399) for the problem it used to hang when music was on & some call used to come.

I got my cell after 15 days & after that the phone's condition was horrible. Itwas completely damaged , not even it was able to switch on. The Phone was submitted again. It been over one month & on each visit they are delaying the date.Not only me many people coming there are totally frustrated for the service being provided by Nokia care centres .

I emailed over a week ago and I have not received any reply. Similarly, when people email Nokia's Customer Support they are getting no response, which is surely unacceptable.
Due to such irresponsible behaviour, there has grown immense dissatisfaction among us, the users of NOKIA & also it makes me doubted about the name NOKIA have had in the past years. Now it has became a difficult question to answer.. Can we really trust NOKIA now???
I am sure you will be concerned about this matter and I would respectfully ask for your assistance in arranging for Customers to better informed and to receive prompt responses to complaints and enquiries.I hope you can agree that this should not be too much to ask nor beyond the capability of Nokia.
Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks & regards,
Sargam Bansal

Regardless of the seriousness of this e-mail, it's quite obvious that I can't help. Other than publishing this e-mail so that other (more competent) people can also read it and possibly react on it. However, there is one thing that I hope you have also noticed: who was cc:-d in this e-mail? Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia's CEO and not other. You know, I've never dreamt of being in the same e-mail group than him, but now that I have achieved it, I think I'll make an exception with Olli-Pekka: I'm ready to accept his invitation on LinkedIn. :-)



Buzz Word! said...

hahahaha ok this actually one of the funniest email quotes i've read in a while. Simply with the content of it being so serious yet posted to you Tote haha :) can I contact you as well next time I have problems with my mobile phones? But yes you certainly should be honoured being address in the mail with only just the Nokia CEo being CCed, wow!... haha I still cant stop laughing.


Gábor Török said...


I would rather suggest you to contact Olli-Pekka instead, I believe he's a bit more competent than myself. :) I hope, though, that I could help him even in this form.


Zebracadebra said...

Yes, this is the price of fame. You can get asked to do many things which you may or may not be able to. As for the Nokia phone and service I had a Nokia phone repaired after I sat on it and needed the screen replaced. It was in the repair shop for about three months as they said a screen was "on its way". When I finally got the phone back it locked up every time I used certain keys. Another six weeks and the phone was declared kapoot. I got the money I paid for the screen back and a new phone at a discount price so I was happy.
I would say that like car repairs we all have different experiences, best to find someone you can trust and stick with them.