Friday, May 18, 2007

My new N95 - comments

I have received my new Nokia N95 device as a reward from Nokia for contributing to the launch of their new service, Forum Nokia Wiki. I was among the top 10 Forum Nokia Champion contributors, you know. We have received something else, too, but it's still too early to talk about it. I'm planning to get back about it in a month or so.

Well, I was very excited about this device, because I must admit it was my dream device. THE smartphone that I've always dreamed of. I have read couple of reviews on it by now (e.g. on AllAboutSymbian or Symbian Freak) and I was very convinced that the only issue that these reviews had found in common was the battery. The fact that it gets exhausted very easily, very fast. That's okay, I thought, I believe that's an issue that I can easily handle. I'm sure that Nokia is aware of this problem, too, and they're on it to fix it. Not necessarily with this phone, but with future phones.

However, I think I can tell you/them a few other hints they might want to pay attention to. Or maybe not, but at least I did not keep my comments secret on this great device. :-)

  • Lack of memory card in the package. This is the third device from the N-series that I have got without any multimedia cards. First, an N90, second an N73, now it's an N95. Hey, it's a multimedia phone and I can hardly believe that the built-in storage is sufficient for multimedia purposes. And I can't believe it, either, that Nokia is to save some money on NOT including a memory card in their sales package, because the price of such a piece of hardware is so low. Then why is it not included?
  • Battery. The topic that I have already mentioned. It's just right my second day, but it has already proved to be true that I need to charge the battery once a day. I was already recommended to get used to it, now I'm on that path. :-|
  • GPS. This is the first GPS device of mine, so I don't know too much what to expect from it. I can see, though, that the built-in program is data-hungry and tries to get that data from the internet (without a network connection it doesn't really work, i.e. is not really useful). It's not a good sign for me, because I have decided not to spend too much money on using GPS, but try to keep my spending as low as possible. Perhaps the installation of additional maps will solve the problem, I don't know, I'm just hoping that.
  • Connected to TV. There is an RCA jack included in the package with which we can attach the phone to the television so that you can see it real-time on your telly what you're doing on your phone. It's a pretty nice feature that can be used, among others, for demoing, showing your pictures/video/etc. to your family, browse the web in full screen on your tv, etc. However, for some reason, voice was not audible when I was e.g. playing a game. I'm unsure as to where the problem is - on my phone or with my TV, in any case, it's waiting to be fixed. Just tell me if you have experienced this and managed to get over with it.
  • Localisation. You know, I'm from Hungary, Europe and although I'm pretty much happy with using English I've already got used to using T9 on my phone. It's such a brilliant feature that now I can hardly live without (at least in terms of short messaging:). The problem is that as I have forgotten to indicate my wish to have Hungarian language included on my phone I can't make use of (Hungarian) T9, either. Unless somebody smarter than me enlightens me how to fix this problem with the least pain.

That's it for now! By the way, before I forget: thanks, Ron and Forum Nokia, for this great device. It was really worth the effort of contributing to the Wiki. I wonder if others know that they can win an N95, too. :)




VVS.Naresh said...

Gabor...By now you might have figured out the problem of audio in TV-Out...but, I used my N95 as well as my N93 with TV-Out feature and was able to listen the audio as well.I think there some problem with your TV or some settings.

Gábor Török said...

Yep, Naresh, it's already solved. It was due to the low volume. :) Note that I used my normal volume level (~12 on a scale of 100) and that was not enough for my phone. I had to use an extremely high volume (~45 on a scale of 100) to hear everything, but then it was fine.

diLin said...

hey u hav a really good reveiw on the n95s cam over here but i would like to say that testing it along with a sony stand alone camera is not nice. i mean you should realise that the n95 is a camera with ipod like music abilites and a mini game console (when u plug it into the tv)and an internet device. SO it should have some difficulirss in managing it all in one sleek phone.


DIlin Anand

Gábor Török said...

Hey, I haven't mentioned anything that had to do with the camera. Nor Sony. Whose blog are you reading? :)

Symbiatch said...

Dunno if you've already reflashed your phone for Hungarian but you can do it with NSS and then using the Nokia Software Update. It's quite simple, you can find the procedure on the net.

Gábor Török said...

Thanks, Symbiatch, I'll try it. I keep postponing it, but one day I'll do it, I promise. :)

diLin said...

The n95 is a reall cool phone when you have all the recwuired softwares that work it to it's maximum potential, You need to exploit just the right way for making the maximum oiut of it.

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